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I love you Rock.

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black excellence

No, human excellence.

Nahhhh Black excellence sounds better

IN OTHER WORDS, RACE IS A DETERMINING FACTOR IN CHARACTER AND ACCOMPLISHMENT, GOTCHA. How about we claim it’s white excellence every fucking time you get a vaccine you fucking twit.

Because people of color contribute to vaccines, science, the medical field too. This has a focus on Black excellence and/or black people doing amazing things. This RARELY gets represented. “White excellence” is represented all the time on such a large scare. Must have hit a nerve with you. :33333333 AND YES, race can definitely be a determining factor in character and accomplishments. Some people, ya’ know, have this magical thing called:


But thanks for your input! 

You know, every time you open your mouth about that word, it sounds more ignorant than the last fucking time. You want to know why? You have no idea what people have been through. What they go through on a day to day basis. What their family life is like, their social life, their medical life, their financial life. You have NO fucking IDEA what each and every person goes through and yet somehow you believe they somehow have an advantage (sorry, “privilege”) over you is just fucking disgusting. How about you go back to your college education that is probably being given to you through Affirmative Action or any other of the hundreds of fucking programs out there to prioritize and substitute money into making black kids successful, all while expecting the “white kids” to do it all on their own. Why don’t you go contribute to your black student union that can complain about the most minute issues while the white students have to put up with the issues because people like you don’t think it’s possible to discriminate a white person. How about you go back to your BET or Ebony magazine where you can be UNIQUELY REPRESENTED whereas the white kids have to do with what’s on regular TV…usually portraying things like “12 Years A Slave” or “The Help” basically making white people out to be this evil oppressive autocratic dictatorship of a race when you are so blatantly ignorant that you can’t even realize that the white race is made up of hundreds of ethnicities. Irish, German, Polish, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, British, Spanish, Austrian, Slovakian (the origin of the term “slave”), Czech, Lithuanian, Scottish, etc etc etc etc etc. You act like each of these damn ethnicities has been treated above and beyond better than any person of color when in reality several of these ethnicites have faced the same if not more institutional oppression as you. In fact, you haven’t even FACED oppression because you’re some entitled little black kid in the United States thinking that oppression means being called out as a criminal when you are (racial profiling) or other idiotic things. You see this man?

This man is the person who catalyzed your freedoms. The freedoms you’ve had and always have had since you were born. This man wrote an impressive speech with the most beautiful analogies and linguistic skills as humanly possible. He conveyed the emotions he felt as he discussed how he’d have to tell his daughter that she was considered “less than” the other kids. He spent time in jail for peaceful protests. He lived in an era of peaceful protests by African Americans where they would politely sit in and refuse to move. They didn’t complain day in and day out…they went and DID. They achieved so much for you as well as the millions of white people that supported the Civil Rights Movement. And what do you repay this amazing era in history with? Complaints…accusations of bullshit “racism” when in reality it’s your own inefficiencies not allowing you to get places because you have every fucking opportunity that anyone else has because of THIS MAN. Perhaps you’d also remember this man:

This is a white man. Do you know who he is? Hint: He’s on our national currency penny. He’s the 16th president of the United States…a Republican I might add. He signed a little document that changed history forever because it was the FIRST of its kind…allowing slavery to be abolished. Do you know what this document was called? That’s right! The Emancipation Proclamation. We fought an entire war because of his devotion to your race, to allow you to be free. Both of these men died in the name of YOU. And you would wish to continue to sit here and claim everything is “privilege”. I think you have more privilege than I. A beautiful and amazing history and heritage that you can shout to the heavens. You have a rich culture that you can love and identify with without being labeled a “literal Nazi”. You can do everything regarding race just with the snap of your fingers where someone else would be labeled a “supremacist” for doing so.

So cut your “privilege” bullshit. These men did not fight for you to come back and throw it back in their face to be disrespectful, hateful, bigoted, asinine, and rude.

I’m so sick of this racial debacle that has continued over and over again despite having finished brilliantly in 1963 with the “I Have a Dream” speech. I’m so sick of race continuing to be an identifiable feature to you, whereas the rest of the world is sick of seeing race as an important aspect in a person’s character, individuality, and beliefs. Why you wish to continue to claim oppression where there is none, I have no fucking idea.

So shove your “privilege” up your fucking ass and do some fucking research.

EDIT: Let it be known that I have originally commented on this in the most benevolent means possible; to identify this as human excellence instead of a race doing well because we are now one, we are united, we are equal. The sheer number of people reblogging this and claiming that this is actually “black excellence” instead of human excellence (because I guess only black people get colon cancer?) further shows me that you’d rather be segregated from society. You’d rather identify with your race than join the rest of the world in unity. You’d much rather make things about yourself than just praise this for the medical miracle it is. As one of my friends brilliantly pointed out “colon cancer doesn’t effect just black people, he wasn’t doing this maliciously to make it an accomplishment for blacks, he was doing it because he was passionate in making a difference. He wanted to help people. Not provide achievements for his race. He wanted to provide achievements to humanity and the great things we can accomplish”. It appears everyone else commenting on this would much rather be selfish bigots than to praise this as a miracle for everyone who suffers from this disease. Good job being assholes.

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Dear Diary, 

The night I became a man.

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Because they ganged up on the crocodile hunter and shanked him in cold blood.

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Sing it Dolly

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 get to know me meme — [2/10] families: Hoover

"Everybody just pretend to be normal."

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Keep it gay, peepz :3


Can we all talk about the morning of July 26th, 2013 (from about 3 AM to 6 AM) when this site was literally flooded with posts about the Thwomps from Super Mario 64?

Seriously, there was actually one time period on this website where this version of a very minor enemy was the subject of hundreds of individual posts (mainly audio, text and quote posts) for just a few hours before abruptly vanishing forever, and nobody seems to acknowledge the fact that something that abnormal took place here.

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